e-Xpress Care Onsite Clinic

At Twin Rivers Urgent Care, we understand the challenge of balancing the responsibilities of work with home life for employers and employees – including finding time to see a doctor when you don’t feel well.

We have a plan to help keep employees healthier, happier, and productive with Twin Rivers e-Xpress Care onsite clinics. Our e-Xpress Care clinic option can save time and money for you and your employees by providing healthcare at your worksite – reducing the time spent waiting on appointments and in waiting rooms.

Twin Rivers creates innovative solutions to healthcare dilemmas. Whether it’s a full service clinic on-site or a telehealth solution that allow you access to healthcare without a physical visit to our facility, we want to work with you to keep a healthy productive work family. Our solutions are quick, convenient, and they work well for both employers and employees.

If e-Xpress Care is something your organization needs, contact us today to discuss your customized healthcare plan.

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