The Future of There Virtual Care

In early September 2019, we temporarily closed the There Virtual Care service so that we could bring updates to the platform and improve the overall functionality and patient experience. Unfortunately, this process has taken longer than initially expected. For this delay and any inconveniences it has caused, we want to apologize. Know that we are working hard to bring the new and improved There Virtual Care to you as soon as possible.

In order to bring you the best service, There Virtual Care will remain offline for the time being while we continue to bring it up to the quality you expect and deserve. If you need to be seen, we encourage you to check into your nearest Twin Rivers Urgent Care clinic where your healthcare needs will be met by their dedicated and experienced medical professionals.

Again, let us apologize for the delay and inconveniences it may have caused and we appreciate your patience during this process. Stay tuned on our official Facebook page for news and updates. We hope to have the brand new There Virtual Care up and running for you soon.

The There Virtual Care Team