Treating and Preventing UTIs

Urinary tract infections, more commonly known as UTI’s, are incredibly common in the US and will be the reason for more than 8 million medical visits per year. UTIs are an infection in the urinary tract, usually caused by bacteria entering the urethra. They can happen in anyone but occur most in young children and elderly. Women and girls have a higher chance of developing a UTI as they have shorter urinary tracts and the urethra is closer to the anus than it is on men and boys.

Symptoms include burning and/or frequent urination, blood in urine, and cramping in the groin area. If the UTI is more kidney based the symptoms can include fevers, chills, nausea, and back pain. Kidney UTIs are not as common but are far more serious.

The easiest way to prevent UTIs is to stay hydrated. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. With hydration comes the need for urination. Urinate often and don’t hold it in. Urinating cleans out the urinary tract and lowers your risk of developing an infection. For the same reason, you should always urinate after any sexual activity.

Taking showers over baths can also reduce the chances of bacteria entering the urethra. When potty training girls, teach them to wipe front to back to help prevent any waste bacteria from entering the urethra. UTI’s need to be diagnosed by a medical professional.

Usually, UTI’s are nothing to worry about and prescribed antibiotics will get you feeling better in no time. If you believe you might be suffering from an urinary tract infection, don’t be afraid to contact us or stop in for a checkup.

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