‘Tis the Season to be Snotty

Tis the season to be snotty, itchy and sneezy.  Spring is in the air, literally.  This time of year as the weather warms up, the airborne pollens send allergen levels through the roof.  That means for millions of Americans, allergy symptoms will soon be in overdrive and stay that way for months.

The most miserable, puffy-eyed, drippy-nosed patients that walk into our office are the ones that missed out on the biggest weapon against allergies…PREVENTION.

How do you prevent allergies?

One key is to try to prevent the allergens from getting indoors.   Keep your windows closed, even on that inviting spring day.  When the weather is nice, go outside to enjoy creation, but know that you literally get covered by allergens out there.  So when you come back in, change your clothes, take a shower, and keep your home a safe haven from those pesky pollens and allergens.

The other preventative trick is to start your allergy medication 1 week before your allergies would likely kick-in and take the medication in the morning about ½ hour prior to going outside.  Doing this could significantly lessen your allergy symptoms.

So Doctors order for today?  Think allergy prevention!  Take those meds early, keep your indoor air pure, then go out and enjoy the display of new life that is Springtime in Nebraska.

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