Tips for Cold-Weather Skin Care

There are a lot of things people love about the fall and winter months but dry, itchy, cracked, and bleeding skin is not one of them. Here are some tips to keep your skin happy and healthy during the colder fall and winter months.

Cold air dries out skin. While the amounts are different for everyone, you need to moisturize regularly to keep your skin feeling healthy and to prevent any cracking and bleeding. Keep lotion/moisturizer handy and use as directed throughout the day. You can even make applying lotion a part of your hand washing routine: simply wash your hands and moisturize afterwards.

When you go outside, wear season-appropriate clothing like gloves and protective layers to protect your skin from the cold and dry elements. It is a good idea to apply lotion/moisturizer right before putting on your gloves and stepping out the door.

Though mostly associated with nicer weather in the spring and summer, sunburns are still a threat to skin in the fall and winter. Continue to use sunscreen with outdoor activity no matter the time of year. This is especially important during any snow-related activities as you will not only be getting the rays from the sun but also from the rays reflecting off the snow and onto your skin.

Take shorter showers in the winter. It may sound counter-intuitive, but long showers in hot water can remove the oils in your skin and cause it to dry and become irritated. Rashes can even start to form. If your skin is red when you are getting out of the shower, you are letting the water temperature get too hot.

Speaking of water, keeping your skin healthy is as easy as staying hydrated. Drinking eight glasses of water a day helps your skin feel and look great.

Taking care of your skin when the cold air hits can be annoying but having to deal with dry, itchy, cracking, and bleeding skin can be downright frustrating. Avoid that frustration and take care of your skin this fall and winter.

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