How COVID-19 Testing Works:

1. Make an Appointment.

  • COVID Symptomatic or Exposure - Begin your testing by making an appointment here.
  • Travel Testing (no symptoms or exposure) - Make an appointment at our Grand Island, Hastings, or Seward locations.

3. Testing.

The test itself is quick and easy.

2. Consult/Arrival

  • COVID Symptomatic or Exposure - You will consult with a provider virtually to determine what test is best for you.
  • Travel Testing (no symptoms or exposure) - You can come into the clinic at your appointment time and have your test done.

4. Results.

We will contact you with the results and what next steps you should take.

  • Rapid Tests results come in as little as 3-15 minutes
  • Lab-sent test results come typically in 1-5 days.

COVID-19 Testing

Twin Rivers is pleased to announce that we now offer COVID-19 testing at all of our clinics. This testing is on-site and can provide results in as little as 3-15 minutes for rapid tests and typically 1-5 days for lab-sent tests.
Note: Supplies may be limited.

Why Get Tested?

Tests for Travel and Screening

Molecular PCR - The Gold Standard

The test provided by Abbott ID Now and lab-sent are molecular PCR tests and is the current gold-standard of COVID-19 testing. After being consulted by a provider, this test is administered nasally and is designed to determine whether you actively have COVID-19. Results can come back in 3-15 minutes with Abbott ID Now, but can take 1-5 days with lab-sent tests.

The Most Accurate Rapid COVID-19 Test.

Should your result be positive, our provider will speak with you on what further actions you should take based on your current symptoms.
Note: Supplies may be limited.
Curbside COVID Testing
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Antigen Test

We now offer the BinaxNOWTM and QuickVueTM COVID Antigen tests. Like the Rapid PCR test, antigen tests are used to determine whether you are currently infected with the COVID-19 virus. Antigen tests use for diagnostic, symptomatic, or COVID-19 exposure are covered under most insurance plans. For those without insurance, we also accept cash payments.

Should your result be positive, our provider will speak with you on what further actions you should take based on your current symptoms.
Note: Supplies may be limited.

Antibodies Test

This test determines whether you are carrying antibodies for SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19. Having the antibodies can determine how you and your provider continue with your care.

Twin Rivers can provide lab-sent tests for your convenience.

Woman wearing mask.

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