Physical Capacity Profile®

Matching physical abilities to the physical demands of a job creates a cost-effective work force. With the Physical Capacity Profile® you can take the guess work out of hiring for physically demanding jobs. Using state-of-the-art computerized software, the PCP completes a comprehensive collection of multiple strength measurements in as little as 30 minutes with results available within minutes. The PCP Testing System is ADA and HIPAA compliant and has successfully undergone EEOC audits.

Twin Rivers Urgent Care is proud to be your partner in matching your employees to appropriate jobs. Our technicians attend the stringent training programs and are certified to effectively perform the PCP tests in our facility. Tests normally take about 30 minutes, and the results are emailed directly to you upon completion. No long waits to complete the tests or to get results!

Our Occupational Medicine Specialist helps you with job assessments to accurately categorize positions so that you’re sure you’re getting physically qualified employees – removing the guess work. Let Twin Rivers Urgent Care and the PCP Testing System improve your bottom line by improving your candidate selection process.

The PCP Testing System helps employers by:

Reducing injuries by ensuring employees have the physical strength to safely perform their job responsibilities.

Reducing workers’ compensation exposure by documenting impairments that an employee brings with them to the workplace, per the American Medical Association (AMA) Guides.

Providing pre-injury baseline measurements on an employee allowing treating professionals to expedite the rehabilitation process.

Benefits of the PCP Testing Profile

  • $1 spent testing returns $6-$8 in direct medical cost savings to employers
  • 10% to 30% decrease in workers’ compensation premiums to employers
  • 30% decrease in workers’ compensation injury rates
  • Job re-engineering to expand the pool of qualified workers
  • Increase in worker morale and productivity

Partner with Twin Rivers Urgent Care

We will assist you in:

  • Identifying jobs that are physically demanding or have high injury rates
  • Measuring the physical demands of those jobs so you can update job descriptions/policies
  • Then you can begin testing

Employee forms to be completed:

Physical Capacity Profile Employer Authorization

Physical Capacity Profile Informed Consent

Physical Capacity Profile Medical History

Spanish forms:

Employer Authorization – Spanish

Medical History – Spanish

Informed Consent – Spanish

What you need to know...

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