Employer Services

Twin Rivers Urgent Care is proud to partner with employers to provide a patient-centered option for occupational medicine services. We have over 50 years’ experience in occupational medicine, and ensure that our providers have the training and certifications necessary for both post-offer testing and workers’ compensation evaluation and treatment.

Whether your employees suffer a work injury, or they or one of their family has an illness or accident, Twin Rivers is a great option. We provide immediate, high quality care quickly so they can avoid a potential wait to see their family doctor or an expensive emergency room visit.

We are open 7-days a week with no appointment necessary to make it convenient for your employees to get the healthcare they need – when they need it.

Employer Services

What we Offer

  • Workers Compensation – Evaluation, treatment, follow-up, and return to work exams with our primary goal being to return your employees to work as quickly as safely as possible while keeping the lines of communication open.
  • Drug and Alcohol Screens – Breath alcohol screens, Department of Transportation (DOT) urince collections and non-DOT collections, rapid in-house drug and nicotine screens, and saliva alcohol screens.
  • Physicals – DOT, pre-employment/post offer.
  • Lab Tests – Cholesterol Panel, complete blood count (CBC), comprehensive metabolic panel, glucose, prostate-specific antigen (PSA), urinealysis.
  • X-Rays – Digital x-ray onsite with optional radiologist overread.
  • Other Testing – Audiograms, EKG with interpretation, Pulmonary Function (Spirometry), Home Sleep Study, Respirator Fit tests.
  • Screenings – Biometric Screening including blood pressure, blood lipid, blood glucose, body composition testing and more.
  • Vaccinations – Influenza, Tetanus/Diphtheria, others available upon request.
  • Wellness at Work – Biometric screening, Customized wellness program to promote a healthier work environment.

Why Choose Twin Rivers

  • Open 7 days a week
  • No appointment necessary for most services
  • Return-to-work focused
  • Competitive pricing
  • X-ray
  • Lab Onsite
  • On-stop shop for all your occupational medicine needs including, workers’ comp, physicals (both DOT and non-DOT), screenings, and much more.
  • Providers are FMCSA Certified Medical Examiners
  • We have DOT certified collectors for drug screens
  • A direct Representative is available for questions, concerns, and needs
  • Patient/employer centric
DoT Physicals

DOT/CDL Physicals

All of our experienced providers are FMCSA certified medical examiners. We make it easy for drivers to complete this requirement so they can get back on the road. We know that for a trucker, time is money. That is why you never need an appointment and can come in any day of the week.

Benefits of Twin Rivers Urgent Care for DOT physicals:

  • Open 7-days a week
  • Extended hours during the week
  • No appointment necessary
  • Additional testing available if needed – HgA1C, home sleep study, audiogram, blood pressure checks
  • FMCSA Certified Medical Examiners
  • FMCSA Medical Examination Report forms available

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FMCSA Medical Examination Report

FMCSA Medical Examiner’s Certificate

Understanding the DOT Physical


Physical Capacity Profile®

The Physical Capacity Profile (PCP) system allows business to non-objectively test the physical capabilites of a prospective employee or an employee returning to work after recovering from a workplace injury. All results are received and measured using Department of Labor standards, is ADA and HIPAA compliant, and has successfully undergone EEOC audits.

Twin Rivers Urgent Care has partnered with Rathjen Physical Therapy to provide this service.

Wellness at Work

Wellness at Work

Since Americans spend an average of a third of their lives at work, workplace wellness is the perfect opportunity to make a difference in your employees’ lives. Twin Rivers Urgent Care’s comprehensive wellness program can result in a return on investment of up to 300%. We customize corporate wellness programs designed to fit your organizations needs for long-term success.


  • Wellness committee development
  • Employee interest surveys
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Biometric Screenings
  • Annual Wellness Planning
  • Preventitive Education
  • Health and Wellness Newsletters
  • Weight Loss and Fitness Program
e-Xpress Onsite Care

e-Xpress Care Onsite Clinic

We keep employees healthier, happier, and productive with Twin Rivers e-Xpress Care onsite clinics. Our e-Xpress Care clinic option can save time and money for you and your employees by providing healthcare at your worksite – reducing the time spent waiting on appointments and in waiting rooms.

Twin Rivers creates innovative solutions to healthcare. Whether it’s a full service clinic on-site or a telehealth solution that allow you access to healthcare without a physical visit to a clinic. Our solutions are quick, convenient, and they work for both employers and employees.

If e-Xpress Care is something your organization needs, contact us today to discuss your customized healthcare plan.

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Twin Rivers Urgent Care offers convenient, quality healthcare when you need it most. We’re open for walk-in service seven days a week with extended hours, to get you in and out quickly. Our medical team is ready to focus on you – whether it’s a cold or flu, a strain or sprain, or something more complicated.

For a serious condition, stroke or stroke-like symptoms, chest pain or heart attack symptoms, severe bleeding, head trauma with loss of consciousness or other major trauma-go directly to the nearest Emergency Room.

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What you need to know...

At Twin Rivers, we are focused on taking care of our community. We offer both walk-in and booked visits. Please note that booked appointments function as a pre-registration to save you time. There may be instances in which a short wait time will be required for those that booked. We are dedicated to get you in as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.