Boy Excited for Summer

Summer Camp Essentials

School is out for the summer which means kids’ camps are right around the corner. Before you send your little ones out for a week of campfires, crafts, and fun in the sun, make sure to send them off with the essentials to keep them healthy throughout the week.

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Man with Pink Eye

Looking Out for Pink Eye

“Pink eye” Is a general term used for when your eye gets red, called conjunctivitis. Inflammation occurs in the blood vessels in the conjunctiva part of your eye…

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Child with Red Cheeks

What is Fifth Disease?

Fifth disease, or, academically known as Erythema infectiosum, is a mild rash illness that mostly affects children. The name comes from it being the fifth of five viral rash diseases seen in childhood…

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Measles Virus

The Spread of Measles

The Spread of Measles
Lately, the spread of measles has been in the news as more and more confirmed cases emerge. The CDC reports that as of March 28th, 2019, there has already been more confirmed cases in the US than was seen in the entirety of 2018…

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Common Wrestling Skin Conditions

During the winter months, as children engage in indoor sports and play, you might notice the spread of rashes and other skin infections increase. While rarely serious, these illnesses can prove to be both annoying and painful.

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Toddler Coughing from RSV

RSV: What to Know

Your child isn’t feeling well and while it may seem like a run-of-the-mill cold, it could be something much worse – respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV for short. We are officially in the season when the virus rears its ugly head more often so it is important to know what it is and what warning signs to look for.

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