Preventing Gout

Preventing Gout Flare-Ups

Gout is an incredibly painful type of arthritis. Often caused by dietary choices, gout occurs when your uric acid levels in your blood grow faster than your body can…

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Woman Relaxing

Treating and Preventing UTIs

Urinary tract infections, more commonly known as UTI’s, are incredibly common in the US and will be the reason for more than 8 million medical visits per year. UTI’s are…

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Girl with Nosebleed

Treating a Nosebleed

Nosebleeds are a common annoyance that many have to deal with at least once in their lives. There are many factors that can cause a nosebleed including dry air, nose-picking, allergies, injury…

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Woman Working with Hard Hat

Tips for Staying Healthy at Work

As adults, we spend a lot of our life in the workplace. Whether that is in an office, construction site, store, or even from home, there are many opportunities to get sick or injured…

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