Middle Ear Infections: What to Know

With irritated cries, your child wakes you up in the middle of the night. You try to comfort them, but nothing seems to do the trick. Worried that they are becoming sick, you take your child’s temperature and notice that they are running a fever. As you pick up your child to try to comfort them some more, you notice a fluid draining from their ear canal.

Your child is most likely suffering from what millions of other infants do before they are even a year old; Otitis Media, more commonly known as a middle ear infection.

Otitis media is an infection of the middle section of the ear behind the eardrum. This is a common problem with children. Most commonly, this is seen after a viral upper respiratory tract infection collects in sinuses and later spreads to the inner ear. A middle ear infection can also occur when the eustachian tube that allows a balance of pressure in ears becomes dysfunctional.

Symptoms to look out for include fevers, fussiness, irritability, nasal congestion, and tugging on ears. Earing loss and drainage from the ear canal may also occur. Some cases may require an antibiotic.

If you suspect your child has an ear infection, you should have them be seen by a doctor or medical provider. Don’t hesitate to stop by one of our clinics or make an appointment.

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