COVID-19 Testing FAQ: What You Need to Know

Knowing that you may have COVID-19 or have come into contact with someone how may have it is a stressful feeling. We understand that you want to know your status as soon as possible which is why we offer both rapid and send-out COVID-19 tests. Here are some answers to the most common questions we receive regarding testing and how to start your visit. Check back here often as this guide may be frequently updated.

Does Twin Rivers Accept Orders from Other Physicians for COVID-19 Testing?
Unfortunetly, we are unable to accept testing orders from physicians at this time. Currently, the amount of testing supplies available is extremely limited so we need to reserve tests for patients who have been seen by our providers.

Does Twin Rivers Urgent Care Offer Free Testing for COVID-19?
No, most insurance companies are paying for all COVID-19 related encounters and Twin Rivers Urgent Care will submit claims to them. Patients without insurance must leave a valid method of payment on file in order to be seen and tested.

Am I Guaranteed a Rapid COVID (Rapid PCR) Test at Twin Rivers Urgent Care if I Request it?
No. With a limited number of rapid tests currently available, we are not able to guarantee a rapid COVID-19 test to every patient. We do have alternative tests available as well. Send-out PCR tests can have results back in 24 to 48 hours depending on reference-lab capabilities.

If I Do get a Rapid COVID-19 Test, When Can I Expect My Results?
The rapid PCR test can bring your results in as little as three minutes. Should you test positive, our provider will consult with you on the next steps you should take.

When Should I be Tested if I Think I’ve Been Exposed?
CDC guidelines recommend that you be tested if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • People who have symptoms of COVID-19
  • People who have had close contact (within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes) with someone confirmed COVID-19
  • People who have been asked or referred to get testing by their healthcare provider, local or state health department

Not everyone needs to be tested. If you do get tested, you should self-quarantine/isolate at home pending test results and follow the advice of your health care provider or a public health professional.

How Do I Begin my Visit for a COVID-19 Test with Twin Rivers Urgent Care?

  • Start your visit by going to our website at
  • If you are at one of our locations, start a Curbside Consult by clicking “Begin Your Visit” under the Curbside Consult banner on our homepage.
  • If you are calling from somewhere other than one of our clinics, begin a virtual visit by clicking on “Begin Your Visit” under the Virtual Care banner on our homepage.
  • You will be directed to an online registration site by our partners at Solv Health. Simply enter your information to register and it will allow you to be seen by one of our providers via a Video Visit. The registration process only takes a few minutes and our team will communicate with you via the Solv app text messaging.
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