Cellulitis: Changing Injuries from Bad to Worse

No better time to be active than during the summer. However, that increased activity can lead to injuries both big and small. If you find yourself with reddish patches of skin that feels hot, swollen, and painful, you may have a condition known as Cellulitis. It is a bacterial infection which affects the upper layers of skin; primarily in one’s face or legs, though it can appear on any region of the body. Cellulitis is caused by bacteria entering the body through an abrasion in the skin. Other symptoms include fever and skin dimpling. Such an abrasion or break in the skin can come from a variety of sources including injuries, animal bites, blistering, dry skin, burns, and boils.

Should you believe that you have Cellulitis, you should seek medical attention immediately as once the infection grows large enough, it can spread into your bloodstream and rapidly become life-threatening. A medical professional can prescribe antibiotics that can reduce the inflammation and infection.

It does not have to come to that. You can reduce the risk of Cellulitis by washing your wounds thoroughly and daily with soap and water, cover any wounds with the appropriate bandage, and keep an eye out for any infections that may be starting by looking for redness and increased pain around the injured area.

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