Welcome to Beyond Attributes!

We’re thrilled to welcome you to Beyond Attributes! Our aim is to help you understand how our attributes align with our mission and vision, and empower you to embody them through your words and actions each day.
Each week, the attributes for the week will be announced during the All-Staff Meeting (Wednesday mornings) followed up with an e-mail through When I Work, as well as a post on the Team Twin Rivers Facebook group.
Week 1 (May 10th – May 16th)= Dynamic
Week 2 (May 17th – May 23rd) = Trusted
Week 3 (May 24th – May 30th) = Welcoming
Week 4 (May 31st – June 6th) = Passionate
Week 5 (June 7th – June 13th) = Sincere
Week 6 (June 14th – June 20th) = Positive
You will earn entries for a weekly prize that will be announced each Wednesday morning starting May 10th. If an employee wins during the week, they will not be eligible to earn a prize during the other weeks. However, you can still accumulate entry points for the grand prize of $200 which will be awarded at the end of Week 6. Here are the three ways to earn entry points:
1. Each staff member will have the opportunity to nominate a co-worker who they caught displaying the attribute during the week. By doing so, they will earn 1 entry point per nomination. 2. Each staff member nominated will receive 3 entry points. 3. A committee member will be randomly asking an undisclosed number of employees throughout the week if they can name all six Twin Rivers Attributes. Successfully providing all six attributes to that committee, you will earn 3 entry points!
How to nominate:  Fill out the form below and submit. Winners will be chosen randomly with the help of a bot.
Prizes: Each week we will have a themed gift basket which will be randomly drawn on Tuesday night and announced Wednesday morning. The Cash Grand Prize will be drawn at the end of Week 6!
Beyond Attributes
Your Name
Your Name
Who displayed the attribute?
Who displayed the attribute?

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