Influenza has Arrived In Full Force

Influenza season is here, as we have had confirmed positive cases at our clinics. Influenza is an upper respiratory virus that commonly causes fever, chills, cough, and other cold like symptoms. Here are some helpful tips for you to prevent yourself from getting influenza.

  1. Avoid Contact/Crowds When Possible– The influenza virus is easily spread in crowds of people. Although there are many activities that pull us into crowded areas, it is important that you avoid contact with others if you have symptoms or observe symptoms in others.
  2. Wash, Wash, Wash– Washing your hands regularly with soap and warm water can kill many of the germs that cause the flu.
  3. Keep Hydrated and Make Healthy Choices– Drinking plenty of water can help ramp up your immune system and help fight off the influenza virus if exposed. Also, adding in some vitamin C at the first sign of illness may also help your body fight off illness. Eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough rest will also
  4. Avoid Touching Your Eyes, Nose or Mouth– When trying to avoid getting the flu avoid touching these area as they act as a direct portal for the entry of a virus into your body.

If you feel you are experiencing influenza symptoms seek treatment for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.