Beware of this plant this summer

When you think of summer, outdoors, and skin; most people think about a great summer tan.  Well this time of year can be full of problems for your skin.  Rashes, burns, and bites seem to be abundant during the summer months.  In particular that plant called Poison Ivy can be quite the irritant.  When exposed to the plant, an oily resin binds to the skin causing an often intense allergic reaction.  This red raised sometimes blistery rash can be extremely itchy and last for several weeks.

Washing your skin right away after exposure may help reduce your chances of getting the rash.  You can treat mild cases of poison ivy with over the counter medications but you may need a prescription if the rash is severe or widespread.

So as you enjoy the summer outdoors remember to protect your skin.  Sunscreen, insect repellent, proper cover up clothing, and yes, stay away from any three leafed plants that look like Poison Ivy.